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Tired of BT poor service

When we first bought our house nine years ago, BT cut our phone line after 2 weeks because we spent more than they expected on calls, without ever warning us. I quit BT then and realized there are far cheaper call providers, but tried them again when we needed a small business service at our home.  The sales person who came to our house gave me a contract, without making it clear, that included a five year quarterly service charge which could not be cancelled after it started.   We cancelled that in time and no one ever apologized for the misleading sales calls.  Now, I gave BT a third chance signing up for Infinity Broadband.  We booked an engineer one month in advance to arrive today, and I stayed all day, but they never showed up!  I'm sure we will get an apology soon and an "offer" of a new visit.  It is so sad to see such an important provider be so poorly managed. There is no use being patient with this company.

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Re: Tired of BT poor service


I am sorry to see you are having problems

I suggest you contact live chat at this link they should be able to help you

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Re: Tired of BT poor service

If its business Infinity you are waiting for, then there is a business forum on this link.


This is the Residential Customer forum.

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