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Transferred broadband from BT to EE

I transferred my broadband contract from BT to EE. Yesterday was the day that BT would disconnect their internet and after midnight EE would take over.

Now why these transfers are never smooth is a questions il never get the answer to, but I feel this time BT are at fault.

My landline and broadband were working fine with BT, but on disconnecting their service, BT must of done something wrong as EE are unable to connect.

EE has raised a job with an openreach engineer. BT state there is no problems with the line, yet I dont have a dialing tone on my phone, meaning the line is not ok.

EE has suggested there is a problem and are looking to fix it asap.

BT has suggested that openreach might be doing work on the line or there may be a fault outside that would need to be checked by an engineer, but should they find the fault is in my house they would have to charge me to fix it.

So what are the chances that theres a fault on my line at the same time I'm transferring my contract to EE. There was  never a problem when I was with BT, but now theres a potential fault...

This has been caused by BT when removing their services from my house, yet they say all is as should be, if that were the case I would have internet right now.

EE should be able to provide me with internet, but I feel BT has messed something up and wont take ownership to fix it. How can they say there is no fault in the line when they own the line and I have not dial tone?

Either I'm wrong and it's all a coincidence and there is a problem with the line that needs fixing or BT have pretty much done this on purpose, I know it's stupid to think they would, but it's so farfetched it could be true.

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Re: Transferred broadband from BT to EE


This is a BT Retail customer forum.

As your provider is now EE, you need to take up the issue with them, they also have a user forum, so you may like to post there .

It Openreach not BT Retail which do all of the network changes, so there may be a problem there. EE need to contact Openreach to sort it out.

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