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Two weeks and still no repair to landline connection

I've been trying to get hold of my sister (area code 01458) for more than 2 weeks. Her landline was reported as non-functioning on 7 January. And it still hasn't been repaired - the phone rings and rings if you're the caller, but at the other end a deafening silence. WAKE UP BT and get it sorted!


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Re: Two weeks and still no repair to landline connection

this is a customet help customer forum and your posts do not go direct to BT.  The only BT employees on the forum are the mods.  It is openreach who are responsible for fixing the line not BT retail.  there are numerous posts similar to your where the explanation of the delay is due to the bad weather causing serious delays in repairs.  when your sister reported the fault she should have received an expected repair date

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