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Unwanted Phone Calls


As of late I have started getting a lot of international calls and some of which I have answered and questioned them as to where they obtained my landline number from they advise that they obtained it from a website on the internet.  I have been in contact with the website in question and asked them to remove my number from their site however, to date they have refused to do this as they say that they cannot see how their site can be linked to me getting nuisance calls.  I am registered with TPS and am EX Directory.

Please can someone offer any advice here I don’t really want to have to change my number as this would be a huge inconvenience.





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Re: Unwanted Phone Calls

No one seems to have found a way with this nuisance yet.


"Sorry wrong number" or "Hong Kong coal and coke Company" seems to be the simplest and have worked for me.  


A few lines of Hungarian or some other lesser known language also does the trick. Smiley Wink





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Re: Unwanted Phone Calls

TPS and EX Directory do not work on calls from outside the UK a lot of these companies use computerised diallers that just dial random numbers eg 01xxxxxx000 to 01xxxxxx999 there fore not even needing a list of numbers from a database

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