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Warning - scam call from 001441836345993

Hello All - my wife was caught out this morning with a scam call.  This is the gist of the scam:

1. You receive a call from a call centre - I'm guessing the call centre is located in India, based on the accent of the caller and the background conversations.

2. The caller claims to be from BT and explains that 'they need to shut down our broadband because our computer has been hacked'.

3. They then proceed to request access to the computer and attempt to install some software.   I'm guessing the purpose of the software is to clone information from your computer.

Fortuitously, the line fell during the call and my wife happened to call my mobile soon after.  As she explained the supposed call with BT, I realised it was a scam and asked her to disconnect from the internet.

Update at 14.30 - received another call from an India call centre purporting to be from BT. 

I would urge BT community members to be vigilant to this type of call.







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Re: Warning - scam call from 001441836345993

Hi @AlCas 

Thanks for popping by to let us know about your Wife's experience.

Sorry to see that she has been a victim of a scam call.  You can't be too careful these days.  Just remember that BT would never contact you out of the blue looking for any personal info or access to your devices.

I appreciate the time you've taken to give the Community the heads up.

Have a good evening.



Community ModeratorRobbieMac
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