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bad BT fault repair & customer service.



BT just sucks and they lie. Every time you call them some in India answers who is cueless. I reported a problem on Aug. 10, 2014.  BT dvised that the problem was fixed but I was not able to receive any calls. Subsequently, numbers were crossed as when I dialed out a totally different number showed up, even a different number shoed up at BT end as when I dialed customer service it went straight to their busness service which it happened to be in the UK; but could not deal with it since it was a retail line. I reported a problem again and on Sept 27th the line went completely dead (no dial-tone).

So BT (edited by mod) made an appointment for Oct. 8th. The engineer shows up checks the line/equipment inside and the device with which he checks shows him that the problem is at the exchange (232m away) and that there is no fault inside. So BT needs to send an engineer for the exchange. The problem does not get fixed so I call India again and they insist that they need to send an engineer to the property to check the line. The appointment is set for Oct. 17 and I wait for an 1 1/2 afterwhich I get a call (from India) saying that no engineer will show up and that they are fixing the problem at the exchange and will be fixed by the evening. The excuse now was that there were floods and the exchange has been flooeded. What a bunch of **bleep**!

On Monday (20th) I call customer service (India) and promissed that it will be fixed. T

On 27th, someone leaves me a message that they have fixed. I call on 30th and again India tells me that they called the land line number and no one picked up so they figured the line has been fixed. The (edited by mod)now says that since the line has been "fixed" and it still is a problem that they have to send an engineer to my house because they must check the line inside. So an appointment has been booked for Nov. 6.

This is what will happen. The guy from Openreach will come because he has been given a job number. He will check the line and it will show him that there is no fault on the inside and will have to report back and BT (edited by mod) will book another engineer for the exchange which will take another couple of days. By that time I will have switched my service providers.


This is what happens when BT hires a bunch of (edited by mod). By the way when I signed up for this service (I regret I did) it took BT 2 months to get the service up and running properly. They reimbursed me with Sainsbury vouher. BIG deal.


I am dumbfounded that BT does not get it. By the way they debited my account the last 2 months.

These (edited by mod) just read the script and refuse to listen.


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Re: bad BT fault repair & customer service.

Hi Mojo-Risin,

Thanks for posting. Sorry you're having problems with the line. I can look into this for you if you wish. Drop me an email with the details. You'll find the "contact us" form in the about me section of my profile. 



Community ModeratorDaveM
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