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bt graphite 2500 displays 'busy'

I have a BT graphite 2500 duo phone and one of the handsets has 'busy' on the display screen.  It will not allow me to make or receive calls using that handset, it just beeps and shows 'busy' on the display. The other handset is working fine.  Can anyone offer me a solution please? 

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Re: bt graphite 2500 displays 'busy'

hi aline50,


it might be worth de registering and then re registering the handset (which shows busy).


On the phone cauing the problem - Go to the 'advanced set' option in the menu and choose de register, then when complete the sme but choose register.


If this doesn't work try a 'factory reset' of both base station and handset, either by unplugging from the power and disconnecting from the BT line for 10-15 minutes then going through the start up steps again or giong to 'advanced set' option in the menu and choosing 'Phone reset' *this will empty contact lists*


If none of that works it could be that the handset is faulty, try ringing 0808 100 6556 (the help line number for the graphite) or if still in warranty taking back to the place you bought it from.


hope that helps.

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