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crackly phone - reported 31st Aug, fix date given as 4th Sept, still not seen engineer

OK, so how do I find out what is going on?  I reported an extremely crackly phoneline on 31st august, having already done the test socket check (still crackly) and the quiet line test (still crackly), to be told that an engineer callout would likely cost me £130.   They couldn't give me an engineer appointment, because the appointment system doesn't work for my area (requires BT to book on the ferry to come across), but when I checked the BT fault tracker later it showed an estimated repair date for 4th September. 


Well, 4th sept has well come and gone, and I haven't seen an engineer or heard anything more, though the fault is still listed as open.  (reference number VOL012-95823451134)


I can't find any way on the fault tracker to ask questions or get further details of what is happening.   I really don't want to have to try phoning again because it was incredibly difficult to hear anything on the phone.   And because the phone line is so awful, my broadband speeds have plummetted (from around 4 Mbps right down to 0.11 Mbps).


How can I hurry up BT and find out when I am going to get an engineer visit?


(FWIW, the crackly phone started right after we had had some really heavy rain here - I would lay money on it that water has got into something it shouldn't)



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Re: crackly phone - reported 31st Aug, fix date given as 4th Sept, still not seen engineer

please remove the vol ref for your security


as the date has passed as I posted on your other post (duplicate post just cause confusion) phone 151 or use the link 

phone faults

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