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customer service issues, poor organisational systems......& still no phone line......

Hi, I haven't previously 'done' forums but am now clutching at straws.

Phone line dodgy but able to access internet on 26 Aug, fault reported, engineer duly appeared & identified fault as being within 30 metres outside my property (site duly marked....has now washed away we've been waiting so long!). Engineer left with a promise of work to be done but a dodgy line would still be ours. No connection since that day!

Spent a week in communication with customer service outside UK.....told many 'stories' about my phone line .....only consistency was inconsistency as various 'scripts' appeared to be gone through. Frustrating +++ Felt regularly patronised (madam you do not understand) and unconvinced as to the truth of what I was being told, indeed there was often variation within a single phone call (& we made many!).

After various requests and a tweet eventually spoke to UK based customer services (Sunday 31 August) pleasant & apologetic warned the various arms of the organisation do not seem to communicate well (if at all!). Customer service is driven by systems, not customer need....& make sure you ask exactly the right I believed the work would be completed by 18 Sept......later in the same conversation it became apparent that BT Openreach would give another update on that date! phone, no internet (have left home to find a hotspot so I can contribute this message). warned this 21st century utility is managed by a set of 20th century systems with BT Openreach being shielded from public communication (& some parts of BT too). just does not happen effectively. Often pleasant people to talk to but seemingly with no clout across the organisation. Apparently we have been 'escalated' twice'....can't tell.

Going home to internet silence now!
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Re: customer service issues, poor organisational systems......& still no phone line......

Hi Verydisappointed,


Welcome to the community forum and thanks for posting!


Sorry it's taking so long to repair your phone line.  It sounds like it's not a straightforward repair and additional work is involved to get you up and running again.  


I'm happy to check what's causing the hold up from here.  Click on my username and under the "about me" section of my profile you'll see the link to get in touch with us.





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