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high resistance phone line

I have been in discussion on the broadband section about problems with my broadband. I have had very helpful responses from several correspondants. The conclusion seems to be that I  have a high resistance fault on my phone line that causes drop outs and hence DLM is throttling back my speed.

My latest testing using Routerstats software clearly shows that when I make or recieve a call on my landline that the noise margin drops by several dB's and sometimes the ADSL drops out.

This has been ongoing for a few months. I have registerd faults and they have been closed down as resolved.

To eliminate any problems within my installation I have had a new ADSL/VDSL filterd splitter fitted directly at the master socket and my router connects via a CAT5 cable. The phone line experts have said they can find no fault with remote testing. There are various threads on the forums that say high resistance faults are quite often not fixed by the normal tech guys.


I have a live fault in the system for both broadband and my phone line (3rd set of faults in the last month). Despite promises that someone will call me with an update they never do.


How can I make progress on getting this resolved?

Any help gratefully recieved.


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Re: high resistance phone line

I suspect they are just running a line test. Problem is most HR faults will not be picked up by the call centre test
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Re: high resistance phone line

I had this type of problem on a business line.  It took two call-outs to get it fixed, first as a telephone fault (with BT) and second as a broadband fault (with another ISP).  The first failed attempt was charged for but the charge rescinded when we objected.  Perhaps because we were paying business rates for these service, we got prompt attention both times.


Incoming calls had a high probability of causing the broadband to drop.  Our ISP made a test call, saw the drop and therefore accepted that an engineer should be sent out.  I think if possible you should concentrate on clear symptoms like this to ensure your problem is dealt with properly.      

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