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intermittent line noise

Good morning.

I have an ongoing problem with intermittent line noise , miserable adsl broadband , lots of contact with B.T ,numberous fault reporting (two of which resulted in openreach visits) but still no joy.

I am purposely leaving out the general teeth gnashing about the state of the telecoms industry because we've heard it all before...I just be factual.

Live 500metres from Shaftesbury exchange but on the end convaluted string of poles and junction boxes.

Moved to house three years ago..noisy hissing phone line. OP engineer found problem with a join on the end wall of my house..remade the join..wrapped it in gaffer tape and all was well.Have had a clear line and around 16mbps download since....

Until beginning of August when noise returns and broadband eventually pegs back to 5mbps.

Noise at some stage every day..Worse in evenings and morning..tends to be clear during day .Worse in bad weather.

Test socket in loft and confirm noise with fixed line phone many times. All extension wiring now removed so now have fixed line and wireless phone via extra filter and homehub 4 directly into dual outlet filtered face plate.

Engineer visit  on August 31st..had found issue in a junction box some distance away before visiting..listened to my corded phone all fine .Ran wholesale test on my pc to show me that 5mbps was expected for my line :).

Noise back same evening.

Several more online and call centre fault reports get closed without an engineer visit.Noise issues remain the same.

Got a OP visit yesterday ,when line was clear , but he did run test on lne and found a fault in the street cabinet about 25 metres away. Recrimped the joints that he found corroded and retested and was was I..

Until about 8pm last night when I picked up the phone...oh no,not again..still loud hissing now at 9am .Broadband cuts in and out during noise...

Do I keep reporting this ..? 

I would run away with Wessex Internet which is available but I'm stuck in contract. Also seems a shame as I'm so close to the exchange and have a shiny new fibre cabinet ( not taking orders yet)next to the old cabinet.

Help me please !


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Re: intermittent line noise

Hi trh2001uk,


Welcome and thank for posting!


Sorry that you're having these problems again.  We'll pick this up and give you a hand from here.  Click on my username and under the "about me" section of my profile you'll see the link to send us your details.





Community ModeratorRobbieMac
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