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Re: "Fault In My Phone Line" Been told to wait until the end of June??

So it seems OpenReach are having massive problems but BT assured me of "compensation" when the service is live.

How come BT dont offer dongles that match what customers are paying for on their account?

For example the account holder of my BT account pays for unlimited internet, so how come BT dont offer me a BT dongle with unlimited data so that we still have something? We're being charged for something we literally cannot use, that's not fair to be honest.

If BT don't offer unlimited dongle usage or they say that as an excuse, each model of dongle will have a model number, so surely BT can use the unique number, tie it to the account, and give my family what we are paying for because at the minute, it feels like we're out in the country somewhere but we aren't, everyone else is connected except us now and not only that but we are still being charged for service that we cannot use.

I shall be very surprised if this cannot be done, a reply will be much appreciated 🙂
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