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re bt no help


i am so fed up with bt my wife made contact with them and advised them that i was rushed into hospital and had to have a very urgent unplanned op witch i was told i could have died .

When my wife told bt twice there made the mistake and said there sorry about my lost.

My wife told them that the bt vision services would like to be to just the min she was told to phone up but she change this on line straight after wards after the chat.

She removed sky sports 2 and when from any time to just free calls And the new price was just 20.00 pm so after a couple off days she made contact with bt and was told her new dd would be £60.00 pm witch she agreed and gave bank dilettantes in that same afternoon she had a phone call from bt advising her that the dd would be just £30.00 pm and the first amount would be on the 28th Jan she explain why the drop and was told it was the reduced in services that was great and as we are both on income surport .

then because i was not happy i made contact with bt via chat last week and was advised that we owe 379.05 but when it was looked into we was told it was incorrect and i said the dd was 30.00 pm this was again agreed with bt and i do have proof this was agreed .

Then yesterday 22 Jan i thought i would just check the bill and it still says we owe 379.05 so i contact bt by chat and was told that the d was cancelled by bt because the amount we owe is 379.05 and need this payment now witch i refused to pay even so i dont have this kind off money i asked what about the agree 30.00 pm i was told it was a mistake and need to pay the full amount other wise we would get cut off i did not what else to say as why did bt agree twice that the amount would be £30.00 pm we even got a phone call telling us this.

We need some advise fast we need a phone line working because off my husband witch i feel bt are not the interested any way .

My phone line contact and broadband run out in April this year but we only took vision out last sept so if we was to go with a new company would we loose vision .

or if we was to go with just a new phone company and keep broadband with bt would we still have bt vision we are so fed up we just don't know what to do so any advise would be grateful Now bt are being so unhelpful one person don't know what the other person is doing I just glad i contacted bt chat again but this was no joy very unhelpful person .

Please help . 

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Re: re bt no help

Hi 21event21,


You would have to remember that the Monthly payment Plan direct Debit is a payment in advance for you BT service. It sounds like your Direct Debit was set up at £60 to reduce the debit balance already on your account.


I would like to take a look at your account to see if anything can be done. Please could you send me in your details using the link found in the "about me" section on my profile.





Community ModeratorPaddyB
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