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snapped cable

HI - we have a problem with a snapped cable which is currently in a hazardous condition. I have spent two weeks calling BT and Openreach with no result so far.


Basically what happened is this :


The overhead cable carrying phone lines to my house broke about two weeks ago, leaving coils of cable on the ground and loops of cable hanging low over the road. Openreach engineers put in a temporary fix but left the coils of cable on the ground  and the low-hanging cable between the poles. This is a hazard as it can be snagged by passing vehicles, possibly leading to further damage to the cable, damage to a pole, damage to vehicles or injury to a person. I have raised this issue with BT three times and Openreach twice, and made a complaint to Openreach via their email address. to date, none of this has had the slightest effect.


We can't even get our rubbish collected as the council lorries refuse to come down the road to collect it, owing to the low-hanging cable.


At this rate my only option is going to be getting a ladder and sorting it out myself. If I have to do this I will send BT the bill

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Re: snapped cable

Hi lgab,


I've started your own thread to avoid confusion with the other persons issue.  This needs to be reported directly to Openreach on 0800 023 2023 option 1.  They can be contacted at anytime if the damage is hazardous.




Community ModeratorNeilO
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