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synergy 4500 extra phone: manual no help!



I have got an extra handset and base for our synergy 4500 phone set.  I'm trying to register it.  On page 81 of the user manual, it says

"Registering your handset

At the base:

1. Press

and hold for 10 seconds, until you hear a beep, and release it." 




and there's a picture (next to the word "press) of a button that I can't find anywhere on my base! 


It's driving me crazy!  It's been charging for over 24 hours now but it says "Handset not registered" and when I try to register it, it says "Search for base 4" and nothing happens and it just goes back to saying "Handset not registered".


This is our 4th handset and base but one handset and base got damaged and so cannot be used and cannot be deregistered.  So we want to have 3 in use, including this new one, which is intended to replace the broken one.


Can anyone help, please??


Thank you!




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Re: synergy 4500 extra phone: manual no help!

Have a look at page 13 its called PAGE/FIND is used to locate lost handset and to REGISTER

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