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Registered: ‎25-08-2012

Whatsapp via wi-fi not sending messages

ok so I've had this issue for a while thinking it was my iphone 4 just being temperamental,

But I have recently upgraded to the iphone 5 and this trouble has persisted this means the issue must be with the wifi as I have checked both iphones just using 3g and I have no issue sending messages

I have tried the iphone 5 with static ip and dhcp addresses and still no luck this issue is intermittent an the messages will send after an app restart, could it be a port problem? Any other ideas?

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Re: Whatsapp via wi-fi not sending messages

Hi, i think im having the same problem.


Things i have tried, iphone4, iphone4s, iphone 5, reinstalled whatsapp.

all work fine over 3g connections.

when connected to bt infinity over wifi they sometimes fail to recieve/send messages. even though it says connected in whatsapp.

I have tried different wireless routers, and different routers in place of the bt home hub. all have the same issue, the only common thing i can see is that it is using a BT connection, good to see im not the only one.


Its like after a while it seems to lose connection even when it thinks its connected, force closing the app and opening sometimes works, its just strange that i only have this problem when using bt wifi, over any other wifi connections and 3g is perfectly fine