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btinternet email on Kindle Fire HD problem

Does anyone else have problems with btinternet email on their Kindle Fire HD?

My wife has set hers up by choosing yahoo and then just following the prompts. When I go back in to check the settings it has set the account up as IMAP which doesnt seem to work properly. When I enter the POP settings ( it wont connect to the server.

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Re: btinternet email on Kindle Fire HD problem

If its the standard Kindle email you are using and are happy with POP3 set up try these settings. (Obviously user name and password are your own BTYahoo ones). You may have used this set up


If so just check the settings are the same as below.




Username :

Password: xxxxxxxx

POP3 Server:

Security: None


Delete from server: Up to you




SMTP Server:

Security type: None

Port: 25

Require Sign in (Tick box)

User Name:


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