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Maybe this isn't the forum for this question, but here goes....



I used 1471 on my landline and the number which had called (10 mins previously), was my own number. Are there are circumstances where this can occur? I hadn't made any calls that day.

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Re: 1471

Have you got "Call Minder"? I read somewhere that when it calls you, it registers on 1471 as your own number.

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Re: 1471

If you receive a text message on your landline your phone rings your number to tell you. Also call minder and other BT call back services will use your number when it rings your landline



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Re: 1471

Just to confirm a voice text as well as a 1571 will display (or read back when dialling 1471) the number you have called from, ie your home number.

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Re: 1471

Yes indeed. Not too much of a modern phone, so no display etc. When I checked, I had a stored message from 10 minutes earlier which was a text from some cold-calling company. Thanks for clearing that up.