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BT Hub Phone 2.1 A - High-pitched squeal and constant resets


My phone has recently taken up the habit of emitting a high pitch squeal whenever I get an incoming call, or whenever I try to make a call, or just of its own accord. It does that for anywhere between 5 and 60 seconds before restarting. Indeed, during the restart sequence it'll sometimes squeal some more and crash again.


I've taken the batteries out (to entirely hard reset the phone) and even left the phone to squeal/reset for a couple of hours to see if it'd "fix" itself, but nothing has worked.


Some suggestions would be nice. Equally, a nice (and equally free) replacement would be even better.




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Re: BT Hub Phone 2.1 A - High-pitched squeal and constant resets

Hi Arcticious,


Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting. Are you able to try using a different handset? Does the fault appear there as well? Drop me an email with your account detaisl and a link to this thread for reference. You'll find the contact us form in my profile.





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Re: BT Hub Phone 2.1 A - High-pitched squeal and constant resets

Hello Articious,


I had exactly the same problems as you.High pitch whine, phones rebooting on pickup and random reboots.


Taking the batteries out (SANIK in my Hub phone) didn't work for me and even fully discharging in a torch, then recharging didn't either. Replacing the original AAA batteries with 850mAh rechargeable NiMH batteries did. I have used branded and own branded successfully. The secret is making sure they hold 850mAh and not using cheaper batteries ;-)


The batteries have a finite number of recharges and the Hub phone charge/call/discharge cycle can be punishing on them.


Hope this helps,