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my phoneline is making a strange buzzing sound, similar to that of a fax machine. when you pick the phone up to make a call the line is dead, when you pick the phone up to answer it starts making the buzzing noises in your ear that an old dial up modem used to. I have registered an existing fault with my broadband, the fault isnt closed on your system, therefore when i try and report this fault it isnt letting me, it tells me you know about the fault




I can get on broadband, but it keeps losing its connection intermittentlyd

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Welcome to the forum Kleishy,

Are you connected to the master socket in the property or an extension?

Connecting to the master socket (or even the master socket's test socket if you have one) will help eliminate possible causes from the wiring inside your property.

Check your exchange or major service outages

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HI if you disconnect your hub does the noise stop ??

if not after you have tested a phone in the test socket at the back of the master socket frontplate then you need to report the fault to bt faults on 151 but do not mention broadband once any noise is removed from the line your broadband will improve

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Hi and welcome.

As mentioned ensure you have unplugged everything within your premises.

Do you have a sky box or even an intruder alarm? it could be that trying to "call out"

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