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BT Synergy 5500 Rechargeable batteries

Bought the above and it came with two rechargeable AAA batteries for the handset. These NiMH batteries are rated at 550mAH and so does anyone know whether any other capacity batteries can be used i.e. 750 or 1000mAH? Is the charging circuit only matched to the supplied battery capacity?

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Re: BT Synergy 5500 Rechargeable batteries

Hi HHGTTG and welcome


Yes you can use 750 or 1000mAH batteries


mAH = milli amp hour


So in your case, a fully charged 500mAH battery would last for 1 hour if the device being used was using 500 milli amps.


If the same device was powered by 1000mAH batteries, it would last twice as long between charges.


The higher the rating (mAH), the longer it will last.


(hope that makes sense)

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Re: BT Synergy 5500 Rechargeable batteries

Thanks. I have had conflicting info. regarding my question telling me that the charging circuits would not recognise or work with higher capacity batteries, although with my other electronic devices involving rechargeables I have always bought the latest, highest capacity batteries for them compared with the 'old' types originally supplied.