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Re: BT and Openreach service shambolic

Hi thequietone,

If you could email in your details to the email address registered against my profile we'll be able to look into this for you. I've also included our email address in a PM to you (just sent) so get in touch and we'll see what's going on.

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Re: BT and Openreach service shambolic



Despite the call we had ftom a lady after our line was repaired regarding compensation ,we have heard nothing, surprise, surprise.....


Regarding the formal complaints we made via the complaints line, guess what ? We have heard nothing from anyone at BT.


To all who use this medium in the depereate hope that it may in someway help there cause as someone from BT may help........forget it.





My request for the CEO email address to be made public has been removed by the moderator on the basis it was private and personal and that this was against the rules.


I have replied with my view on this

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Re: BT and Openreach service shambolic

Everyone at BT hides from the customers