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Call barring

Call barring has been set up for use on an account,  the account is in the name and address of the person wishing to bar the calls, The person now has a new address, the account holder is not allowed to return to the property.  The account holder wishes to barr all calls using *341#, leaving emergency calls etc open. The account holder has no access to the phone in the house.


The account holder has BT broadband on the same line which is required to be left in full use for  homework etc.


Please advise how the account holder can implement this call barring. The account holder cannot close the account at this stage because of the Broadband issue.


Please advise any assistance appreciated



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Re: Call barring



I would get the account holder to explain the situation to someone in authority and then get supervised access to complete the call barring.



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Re: Call barring

Thankyou for guidance very helpful


Once call barring is in place can I be certain, that the broadband will still work in every aspect.


Take care

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Re: Call barring

yes the phone and broadband services are independent

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