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Faulty phone line - No dial tone

Hi ,


Can anyone help please.

Two days ago I lost dial tone on my landline , this followed the storms so I assumed due to weather affecting network but still not back.

Have done all the checks as BT suggest , using test socket and separate handset etc but to no avail , the BT line checker states line ok .

My broadband is working ok but not the main phone line , any ideas , I do not want to call BT out and end up paying £99 if they insist no network fault.



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Re: Faulty phone line - No dial tone

If you have tried a working phone into the test socket and it still doesn't worrk there is nothing anyone here can do, you will just have to bite the bullet and get an engineer out to investigate further.


And regards to that so called "line test" BT do, I wouldn't rely on that if my life depended on it, trust me I have a lot of experience with it.

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Re: Faulty phone line - No dial tone

The line isn't going to fix itself, so your only option is to call them.


If you have a modern NTE5 phone socket, then try using the test socket before you make the call.  If you're not sure what I mean, there's pictures and instructions near the front of a BT phone book.


BT Openreach is responsible for maintaining everything up to the master socket.  Any problems with your own phone extensions are your problem.  Using the test socket should eliminate any extensions, provided that the house has been wired correctly (not all are).

Posts: 58
Registered: ‎13-11-2011
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Re: Faulty phone line - No dial tone

Thanks , I did call them and they are sending an engineer tomorrow as the agent in India could not confirm what or where the fault was , will advise outcome but really hoping its not an attempt to charge me £99 when clearly the fault is not in the home.

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Re: Faulty phone line - No dial tone

providing you tried a phone in the test socket to eliminate any internal wiring there would be no charge

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