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landline not ringing

Hi guys, We have just returned to BT and set up home hub. Everything works fine regards the internet. However when people ring our land line they can hear the ringing tone, but we hear nothing. If I call our number from a mobile at home it rings and we can hear it loud and clear. We have even had an automated call back from bt and heard that. Callers are sometimes diverted to 1571 but not always. Also the phone does not register a missed call. I am totally baffled any suggestions woul be appreciated.

I have tried all the recommended things such as different phones, plugging directly into the main socket and disconecting he home hub.


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Re: landline not ringing

There should be no difference between people ringing your landline and you ringing it from a mobile. Is this confusion between your landline number and the Broadband Talk number? Was the automated call back the 17070 test?


Check with someone who has rung you what number they are ringing. You said that you have just returned to BT - did you retain the number you had with the previous supplier?