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telephone preference service

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I am enrolled with this have been for a few years yet I still get these nuisance calls and I am getting fed up.  I try to get their numbers and they ring off or ring 1741 and get they did not leave a number.  All I get from them is that it is my fault .  The last one I was told ithe number was on a datavase which I assume BT have sold, is there any way BT cannot sell my number or stop calls that do not lave a phone number without me paying for the service

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Re: telephone preference service


As I have said in a previous post BT would not have sold your number but


"There are systems used by many cold calling companys called predictive diallers these will call nearly every number within that phone area.

An example could be the computer dials 01234-567890 then 01234-567891 then 01234-567892 etc etc. If your number happens to fall within that number range the company calling you are not bothered who you are, they are just looking to sell their product. Also TPS is only a voluntary code of practice that a lot of UK (note that) have signed up to. If they have not signed up or are calling from "offshore" I am afraid you will still get the calls.


There is no real way to stop these calls, you could have caller display and only answer the calls you recognise or pay for choose to refuse, you can block numbers from callers (assuming there is one to block)

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Re: telephone preference service

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"As I have said in a previous post BT would not have sold your number"


Strange that since cold callers have told me on three separate occasions that they purchased my number from BT when I told them we were registered with TPS!