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telephone preference service

I had a phone call supposingly from BT that said my TPS contact had finished and would I like to register with them only an admin fee.  However when I checked the TPS web page and put in my number it said that the phone was already registered and the contact had not expired.  Does this service exists from BT or ws it a scam from another company.  the phone call was done around 11:35 today

Thank you in advance

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Re: telephone preference service

SCAM - publicise and ignore. TPS registration is direct with TPS and doesn't expire, and its FREE.
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Re: telephone preference service

I got a phone call from India stating they were from BT and I needed to pay £19.99 for a worldwide ban on 'junk phone calls'. Did not take up the offer, but I stil get phone calls from India now and again regarding other matters. Whether british companies use India to bypass the preference service - I don't know.


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Re: telephone preference service

I just got a call from India, someone claiming they were from BT also re TPS.  I also work in the industry and know that the service is free and doesn't expire and when I challenged the caller they hung on me before they would provide me with any of their details.