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BT Sport Ultimate on Samsung 4K UHD TV


I have BT Sport ultimate and bt sport ultimate large screen so i can watch the 4k UHD on my tv, when i open the BT sports app on my Samsung 4k UHD  tv and do the device configuration it gives me green ticks for everything, saying that I should be fine for watching 4k ultra and that i also have the Ultimate edition.

Yet when i go onto the channels i only have BT sport 1HD, Nothing indicating that it is 4k or HDR also when i was the pre recording for example the extended highlights of a football match the quality looks no better than 1080p.

I can't seem to find an answer to my issue so if anyone could help me that would be great. PXL_20220420_160651078-min.jpg

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Re: BT Sport Ultimate on Samsung 4K UHD TV

When an event is available to watch on BT Sport Ultimate, you'll see a tile for the event on the app home screen. e.g. the next Ultimate event is on Friday evening at 7pm. If you launch the app after 7pm on Friday you'll see a tile there for Bristol Bears v Gloucester Rugby which will go straight into BT Sport Ultimate.

We don't currently have any replays or highlights available in 4K - only the live channel during select events.
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Re: BT Sport Ultimate on Samsung 4K UHD TV

Ok thank you is this only for the BT sports app is it different on the BT TV box? also is there a way i can find the info for which events will be in 4k HDR? thank you

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Re: BT Sport Ultimate on Samsung 4K UHD TV

The BT Sport Ultimate (and Ultimate HDR) channels are available on the box 24x7 however they just play an advert on loop when there's no event on.
You can see the upcoming schedule here:

All programmes on Ultimate will be in 4K. Some will also be available in HDR and/or with Atmos, however that information isn't easily visible and isn't entirely accurate at the moment anyway (we're working on it).