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Impossible to cancel BT sport subscription

BT is an awful company.  I took out a monthly sports subscription at the deal price of £20.  I attempted to cancel the subscription 2 weeks after taking it out to ensure it wouldn't auto-renew.  There's no cancel option online although the Helpdesk will insist there is.  If you escalate you will be told you can cancel but that cannot happen for 6 weeks so you end up paying 2 monthly subscriptions.  Then when you've escalated to the third person they tell you that it has been cancelled and will not renew.  Then when you check your next bill you're charged for double the BT sport deal price i.e. £39.99 and the bill after the bill is projected to be another £20 for the BT sports package.  So I'm being lined up to  pay £60 for 2 months of BT sport and no idea whether it's cancelled?  I will yet again try the helpline and seek an explanation from this rogue company as to what the hell it's playing at.  Thank god my 2 year contract is approaching the end as I look forward to dispensing with the fraudulent services of this company 

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Re: Impossible to cancel BT sport subscription

You've used a different email address for this forum than the one on your account, so I'm unable to view your specific scenario, but I hope you at least recognise that this is a fault rather than normal behaviour.
I can only apologise for the hassle you've had so far, and assure you that you will be completely refunded for all mistakes that have been made. You were completely within your rights to cancel within the first month and only pay for a single month (although there is no option to cancel online for this type of subscription).

If you don't get any luck with calling the helpdesk again, please email me your account details at and I'll make sure it's dealt with.
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