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Why only one Ultimate Channel?

This isn’t a complaint, I’m just curious…

More and more folks are having UHD capable TV’s and STB’s are seemly coming with support for the same.

Tonight is a classic example of why there should be an Ultimate 2, I know it’s shared, last week Arsenal were on Ultimate but it just seems like having one extra ultimate channel would make the world of difference and can’t be that big of a deal?

I find myself watching the City game when probably I’d rather watch Arsenal tonight but much prefer the UHD content.

Particularly in the group stage you are pretty likely to have two English sides playing both on the Tuesday and Wednesday.

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Re: Why only one Ultimate Channel?

Absolutely this! We have the same issue tomorrow, where you've got West Ham on Ultimate, with the Liverpool match in HD-only, while match production will also be UHD.

Its not like there is a capacity issue, with Discovery+ either, so id love to know why also!


Tonight was also a prime opportunity for a split-screen offering of both matches. Sort of devalues the point of TNT Sports 5-10!

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Re: Why only one Ultimate Channel?

When Amazon Prime do their bumper week every now and then they broadcast some 3 games a night in UHD. Don’t see why discovery plus can’t just show additional UHD feeds, easier via the app I guess. The TV box I assume is a little more complicated.

In fact it’s often worse on Europa nights because from memory ALL the games are on one day.

I really think it’s about time we saw two UHD minimum. I’m not saying currently I’m not getting value for money, I’m not complaint about that, just seems crazy on nights like this at the business end of the tournaments the minority of fans get to enjoy UHD.

And last night, I know that no English teams were playing but Barca vs PSG is a huuuuge game and neither fixture last night was shown.

Also I wish Sky would stop being so lame with NOW and offer a UHD main event on there but that’s not for today. 🙂

BT Full Fibre 900 (Big Sport UHD) - Nokia ONT - Ubiquity ER-X - EETV Box Pro (IP Mode)