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AMC Channel - Over Eager Continuity Announcer???????

Last night, Tuesday 11th September (9pm - 10pm), I was watching season two, episode seven of Better Call Saul on the AMC Channel, when towards the end of the show we had the rather ridiculous situation of 'coming soon' trails and continuity announcements being placed over the show...... and we are not talking about during the credits, actually during the show while actors are still talking away????  It was approaching the end of the episode and two characters were mid-scene, when all of a sudden the screen goes half-size and we get some sort of trails on stuff that was to come, then the continuity announcer 'booms' in with her take on the good stuff to come.... all the while our show is still going on in a small part of the screen and you can't hear what is going on.... it then goes back to full screen, characters stop talking and roll credits???  What a rather stupid way to treat a show, what if that had been an epic episode with a major cliffhanger???

This incident aside, AMC must be one of the worst produced channels on TV to watch 'live'.  The corporate look of all the AMC segments between shows just looks rather cheap and nasty, continuity announcements are often way too quiet or loud and it has to be near the top of the league for the worst placement of Automatic Recording points (about 90% of things I record on this channel cut off the start or end).  The channel does have a lot of good shows that I watch, but whether it has got something to do with the limited viewership that it reaches that it doesn't seem to matter how it looks....... but surely the AMC Channel is long overdue a makeover????

I really do prefer my AMC shows on Catch-Up to watching 'live', but you really do have a good exclusive product with the AMC Channel, lets just see BT spend a few more quid on making the 'live' offering look and play better.

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