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Australian test cricket coverage.

Can anyone please explain why the BT cricket coverage from Australia is broadcast like it is? Quite often the pundits will have a discussion in the box surrounding a key facet of play and utilise some form of prop to reiterate their point. Rather than cross to the commentary box we are left with a picture of a ground still whilst the discussion continues in the background, without us British viewers ‘allowed’ to see what is going on. Also they will often show a clip from previous tests to enhance the commentary. Again, we in Britain are never privy to this. It all results in a frustrating coverage and one I feel we are being shot changed for. I cannot for the life of me understand why this would be the case? Is it Fox Sports in Australia dictating what we can and cannot see?
An answer please!!
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Re: Australian test cricket coverage.

TBH I listen to the ABC radio coverage from R5SX while watching the action on TV but I assume it is a rights issue with what is and what is not allowed to be shown.

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