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I couldn't disagree more, commentary has been fine.


Anything is better than Parish and cox. Parish had gone senile who missed half of what was going and some of Cox's excruciating sayings was so cringeworthy.


I would have preferred Ryder and moody. However, not Spalding, who was very knowledgeable but had such a droning, boring voice to the point my missus used to moan about him and she even wasn't watching the racing! but the commentary team isnt going to change ... so!


At the moment I see a vast improvement over previous offerings of MotoGP. We now get the full coverage on the track of all classes that Eurosport use to give while gaining the off track interviews/chat that the BBC gave us but a hell of a lot more of it. 


Keith Heuwens commentary is fine. I expect him to be a bit sloppy with riders/teams names at the start until he gets up to pace but I have noticed an improvement as the sessions have gone on. Have to give the same slack for Melanie Sykes who seems a little out of her comfort zone at the mo but ready to give her half a season to get into it.


Its first weekend of first race I would expect it to take a few races for things to gel and look smooth.


If you really cant stand Keith Heuwen just watch the ITV highlights for Toby Moody.


A cautious thumbs up from me, so far.


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Are these commentators paid by the word to create a wall of sound?!?! :smileysad:

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If you go on twitter loads and loads of people are enjoying the BT coverage.Nobody is being hateful.
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Ive been looking forward to the new season and what a let down today was.


Couldnt agree more about the commentary and to make matters worse there was some woman with a voice like nails being dragged down a blackboard doing the "continuity". Most of which seemeed to consist of saying "Yeah right"


If this is the best BT can produce I'll wait for the highlights on ITV4.



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that must be Melanie Sykes then , i have to say  that the coverage has been good and all from the track and  not from a studio that i feared ,hope thats for tuesday nights only and not race day .


i dont think anyone has been hateful towards Keith Heuwen or others,there just not happy with the commentary as the subject title says .


i think as a former gp racer and now bt commentator he should know all current riders and teams .


a bit sloppy is not what i expect

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"i think as a former gp racer and now bt commentator he should know all current riders and teams .


a bit sloppy is not what i expect"


While I agree I would expect the commentators to know the MotoGP class particularly well I am much more forgiving for Moto2 &3 especially for first round of the season.

There are approximately 95 riders and 56 teams across all classes many of who have new riders, paint schemes and sponsors from last season and throw in the completely new teams and riders to the series into the mix I dont expect anyone to know it all. For example can you name the riders for RW racing GP in Moto 3 there sponsor or colour scheme or which rider is No 25 in Moto2 without looking it up? I sure cant.


I would expect even Moody and Ryder (if you see previous posts I do rate them both) to be rusty for the first few rounds of the season. The reason I give Keith Heuwen more slack than Julian Ryder is that Heuwen has not been commentating on the sport, I assume he has been a viewer, so I would expect him to do what I do. I follow avidly the Brits, My favourite riders and whoever is battling for the championship and anyone else is just forgotten about.  Julian Ryder has been commentating on all classes for years and has been around the paddock so he will have a better 'feel' for each team he should only need to 'file away' the changes and I would expect him to be up to speed very quickly. I remember when Moody/Ryder were expressing there excitement for a young Australian kid called Casey Stonor who just joined 125 and look where he ended up. They had been around long enough to be able to give anecdotes on most of the riders from previous campaigns and Heuwen hasn't been there he will have to get up to speed it takes time. 


I do expect both commentators to improve as the season goes on with better team/rider recognition.


"I guess BT sport spent all its money on getting the football so we now have to suffer these idiots. Would help if they knew what the flags meant and I quote Hodgson "Crutchlow rides just like Lorenzo" what total bullocks!"

A quote from Cal Crutchlow on (hopefully external links are accepted on here)

"“I've spent three years being taught to ride like Lorenzo. And Lorenzo, in my eyes, is one of the best riders. Maybe the best rider. I ride very similar to him as such because Daniele [Romagnoli], my crew chief, worked with him before,” said Crutchlow.

Whilst the Lorenzo techniques paid off at Tech 3, Crutchlow admitted that there is a problem translating them to the Ducati and that finding the middle ground between his riding style and the set-up of the bike is more than likely the only way forward:

Yep sure looks like Hodgson doesnt know what he is talking about.


"i have to say  that the coverage has been good and all from the track and  not from a studio that i feared ,hope thats for Tuesday nights only and not race day ."

I couldn't agree more I hope that continues at I at least feel that we are there and not a couple of pundits guessing at what is going on. I am hoping BT arent just doing all track stuff because it first race! For qualifying lots of interviews  were being conducted with riders during and after and I hope that continues.



I use to watch the BBC Motogp coverage not for the commentators (which I endured see previous post) but because it had so much more as it was live, had interviews and information. I would watch Moto2/3 (125/250) on eurosport for the far superior commentators and at the moment BT are giving greater MotoGP coverage than I have had before.

But its not without faults I have stated before Sykes doesnt seem natural... too forced, yet like Huewen I would expect (hope) her to get better. Neil Hodgson and James Toseland have done ok, but like when James Haydon and James Whitham both started their live grid chats (esp Haydon) on BSB race days they were particularly cringeworthy but now are far better, more natural... it just takes time to jell.


So far I am happy a 7/10 and I hope to see the slickness come into the coverage as race weekends go on. 


I do await what BT do when the 'Free' year is up in August and I expect them to start charging for BTsport the pricing and MotoGP coverage (in that order) will be the clincher for if I will pay.

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I agree with above comments the show presentation is dire, who ever thought mel sykes was the right choice host the show was obviously drunk, she does not even know the riders/ manufacturers and team names and her presenting is wooden and Lacks any spark of humour or technical knowledge, i like mel shes lovely, when talking about lost puppies boob jobs and chick flicks with des oconnor. But not on motogp she does not fit at all.... Boring.
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Having just watched the race by biggest gripe about the commentary is the terrible bias being afforded to the Bristish Riders.


I and a lot of other people don't really care if Cal is wobbling around in tenth place, or need a running commentray of Smith's second by second descent through the field. Of course there is nothing wrong with mentioning them, but commentray should fit with the broadcast feed, the majority of which will focus on the leaders (and quite frankly) the superstars of the sport. It has to be balanced and appropriate and not feel as though the commentators are desperate for any ill-fate to befall all the other riders just so Brit can win. The Grid walk was the same. Four interviews, four UK riders. You'd have been forgiven for thinking that they were the only ones in the race.


The commentray reminded me of how the ITV coverage of F1 turned when Hamilton showed up in '07. The pre-race show turned into a 1 hour advert and propaganda show for McClaren and Hamilton, and the commentary (through the fault of James Allen) was so biased towards Hamilton that it made the whole program a real pain to watch.


Mel Sykes is dire as we all knew she would be. Her knowledge of MotoGP could probably be written down on a postage stamp and just about cover it.... if you wrote quite big. I can only guess the reasoning with her is the BT wanted some "Totty", and seeing as Suzie Perry is otherwise disposed dealing with the BBC's laughable coverage of half the F1 season, they had to go for someone else. 


The coverage I would rate as below average. Thankfully the feed isn't under BT's control or we probably wouldn't have seen anyone other the Smith, Crutchlow, Redding and Laverty.



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I think the coverage has been good, really enjoyed it, much better than anything we used to get from Eurosport or BBC.

My only gripe is Mel Sykes, she is pretty terrible, it's cringe worthy whenever she opens her mouth!
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Was a great race but it was ruined thanks to the stream buffering every minute or so. I'm confused because it runs totally fine on my PC in HD on my 14mb connection but then the spinning circle comes up for 5 seconds and i miss an overtake or a crash ! It even happened on the last turn of the last lap....was a complete letdown. I'm pretty sure my line is fast enough so why does the stream keep pausing ?

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