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BT Sport/BT Sales 'sob'

Interesting way to pass the time.


I'm Option 3 broadband so am eligible for free BT Sport, however... I am a Linux user and

I prefer paper billing so do not have an 'BT online ID'


Rang BT Sales and asked if I could watch/get BT Sport as things are.

Answer: No, to get the BT Sport app I must set up a BT ID which automatically changes me

to online billing.


Then asked about Linux.

Answer: What's Linux? Hang on I'll put you through to 'Tech Support'.


Repeat question about Linux.

Tech Support India: What's Linux?

Hang up.


I then rang Customer Options who deal will new accounts for current customers and was

told there was no way round the Linux problem, BT have gone with MS Silverlight. I could

take the Sky route but I would still need a 'BT ID' and online billing etc...To activate the

BT Sport app I must have a 'BT ID', BUT, I could then cancel the online

billing and revert back to paper billing and keep BT Sport because it is now activated.


My current contract with BT runs till Nov so will see how things go.


Smiley SadAny other suggestions are more then welcome.Smiley Frustrated

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Re: BT Sport/BT Sales 'sob'

If it's any help, it is possible to have a BT ID and both paper and on-line billing.  But it isn't easy to arrange, and you may end up having to call customer services to get paper billing put back on again.


But you'd still need a PC that supports Silverlight, or a mobile device that BT supports.

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Re: BT Sport/BT Sales 'sob'

You are not going to overcome the Linux / Silverlight issue. This has been discussed several times before. Rights holders insist on Silverlight due to DRM, and a total aversion to Linux - they consider Linux users to only be interested in hacking DRM content....

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Re: BT Sport/BT Sales 'sob'

Thanks Guys,

       I should have done a search on paper billing before I posted. I see

it's quite a muddy issue.


      My daughter has a Toshiba tablet but I'm not sure what Android

version it is running. Will investigate that option.


Thanks again.

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Re: BT Sport/BT Sales 'sob'

The best I can offer for SilverLight/Linux is what was posted here. Not for the non-technical.


I have a PC set up to boot multiple operating systems, and one of those OS'es is Linux. However, because I also have access to BTTV and Windows I haven't got round to trying to access the BT Sport streams on Linux (I'm just too lazy Smiley LOL ).


Using the Android app on an Android tablet sounds a lot simpler.

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Re: BT Sport/BT Sales 'sob'

Thanks very much umpire.


A very interesting post, time to put my thinking head on.


I have starred you.

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