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BT Sport - Craziness

I have BT infinity option 2, BT visiin essential plus and I registered for BT sports in June at no cost as I'm a current infinity subscriber. The BT sports app works fine on iPhone/iPad with my BT account login details. On channels 507,508,509 (BT sports 1, 2 & ESPN) I get an error message that says a subscription is required. I log onto My BT and can see BT sports in the my extra's section. Been onto 4 different numbers for about 3 hrs today (1:05 mins) on a single call to India (tech support). At the end of the call they wanted to put me through to the BT order line so that I could order the chargeable BT sport package as its not included on my account, supposedly BT sport app is different to BT vision sport. This is complete craziness, Ive had infinity for about 7 months and vision for 2 months and ordered the sports package online at zero cost. When I go back to My BT to look at orders I get the following message "
We're sorry, our records show that there is an outstanding order on this line.
You can still order BT Sport on Sky here. You'll need your BT broadband account number to get BT Sport for free.
For any other queries, please contact one of our helpful advisors on 0800 731 0286 from 8am to 9pm Monday to Friday, from 8am to 8pm Saturday and from 9am to 6pm on Sundays."... I have got to admit, this is farcical, never had any issues with Sky whatsoever!
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Re: BT Sport - Craziness

Hi Nhowarth,


I would need to take a look at your account and order to be able to say for sure what is going on. If you send me in your details using the link found in the "About Me" of my profile, I'll look into this for you.







Community ModeratorPaddyB
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Re: BT Sport - Craziness

hi...similar prob to mine? Everything worked (incl my extra sub to Sky Sports1) EXCEPT BT SPorts1&2...channels were there but it said I had to subscribe (I already had!!) Phoned BT (eventually!)..turns out they'd simply not 'activated' the bit of my order covering BT Sports...had it up & running an hour later.
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Re: BT Sport - Craziness

Hi, thanks for your comments. After 3 days of being bounced between order, faults and technical support, it appears that it was a simple fix "Add BT sports to my BT vision". I have spent days trying to understand why it wouldn't work, even though my BT showed sport on my account, I can access it via the BT sports app but not through vision. BT order free phone number confirmed I had BT sports on my account, so they put me through to BT tech support who told me I didn't have BT sports on my Vision TV. So if your in this predicament ring the 0800 800 150 customer service number and simply ask them to activate BT sports on your vision TV. I got an email from BT within one minute when it was ordered by the BT customer service person and within 15 minutes BT sport was working!
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