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BT Sport Downgrade Clarification - BT TV Customer


I'm struggling to find any clarification on what my options are with regards to the new charges for BT Sport.


I took out a contract for BT Infinity, BT TV (inc BT Sport) for 12 months in March.


I have no wish to renew my contract for 18months

I have no wish to pay £5 a month for something which is of no interest to me.


Can anyone please let me know if I can downgrade to BT Sport Lite without entering into a new 12 month contract?


Or if there is another option so I don't have to.


I have also read that if I enter a new 18month contract to keep it free then I will lose my discounts on my current package. If this is the case then I will be contacting BT about releasing me from my contract as they are giving me no option other than to pay extra for something I already receive for free (included in my package price)


Any help would be gratefully received!

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Re: BT Sport Downgrade Clarification - BT TV Customer

did you read here

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Re: BT Sport Downgrade Clarification - BT TV Customer

Hi, Yes I've read this previously and believe I fall under the 


"If you are an existing BT Sport Pack customer on BT TV or the BT Sport app and online player you’ll be able to downgrade to BT Sport Lite with no change to your existing broadband contract status" mentioned by the moderator.

However I phone BT last week and was told I had to renew my contract by 12 months just to downgrade. The link on the website to downgrade gives me no option to do this. Yet I'm reading from different sources including @BTCare on twitter that I should be able to do this without renewing.


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Re: BT Sport Downgrade Clarification - BT TV Customer

If you have no interest in BT Sport at all, you can always cancel it entirely - no new contract required.  You can't do that on the web site - instead phone 150 and navigate through BT's horrible menu system to cancellations.

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Re: BT Sport Downgrade Clarification - BT TV Customer

Hi, there's no obvious way of doing this from your MYBT area online but I got a link in an email from them to downgrade to the free version so I don't get charged for something I never use anyway -


You may have to login first, then click on the link. Hope it works for you.


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