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Re: BT Sport Europe Presentation

If you think it spoils the HD experience you should try BT Sport Europe in SD!

I don't currently have the HD Extra on BT TV and on SD the programme picture is reduced down to well below 576 lines. Abysmal. It's like we've gone back to the 1950's and 405 line TV. What next, black & white? 😞

I'd say that Sky Sports News style is fine for say a Saturday afternoon results programme, but not hour after hour. It's not as if there is anything important to tell us. Just means people won't bother watching it and advertisers won't pay to show adverts on it other than during live matches.

Keep that style for BT Sport Preview on Freeview when not live, but not BT's flagship channel!
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Re: BT Sport Europe Presentation

Why not put the news and tables text on BT Sport Extra? That's showing nothing but an animated logo 95% of the time anyway. Make it into a useful news channel during all those wasted hours.

Another benefit of that would be that BT Sport Lite customers also get BT Sport Extra so could see all that news info as well.
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Re: BT Sport Europe Presentation

I thought I would watch the replay of the Astra Giurgiu v West Ham game as I hadn't watch it live.

Along the bottom came the score of the West Ham game, the one I was watching!

Gave up and swithced channels.



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Re: BT Sport Europe Presentation

Well experrienced exactly the same when waatching the PSG game this morning   -- Not impressed - 

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Re: BT Sport Europe Presentation

Just apply black gaffer tape to the appropriate sections of the screen. It can easily be added/removed in under 5 mins when changing channels.
Alternatively use a black marker pen, though this may reduce your enjoyment of other channels.
If you need any other help don't hesitate to contact us again at BT TV support. Have a nice day. 🙂
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Re: BT Sport Europe Presentation

This is a staggering misjudgment by BT. Do they not realise that many people enjoy highlights programmes and replays and wish to watch these in full screen mode like they would any other programme on TV? I do not want the cognitive overload of superfluous info graphics, tickers, and banners that are largely there for the benefit of BT's self-publicity, rather than the viewer. Isn't it remarkable that BT Europe show adverts in full screen - but all match replays and highlights shows get the horrific shrunken frame treatment. It's as if BT feel that what's good for paying subscribers is not good enough for advertisers. Utterly cynical. What's really galling about all of this is that BT Europe does so much superbly right. From the sourcing of original commentary on classic Champions League matches to extensive match highlights of the Bundesliga (scheduled for Monday mornings), it's massively frustrating that these excellent initiatives are holed under the bow by the self-aggrandising decisions of "creatives" looking to give the channel a unique "personality" (and thus justify their own existences). I'll be reconsidering my subscription if this nonsense continues into next month. I had been looking forward to the extensive Bundesliga highlights programmes lined up, but now know that BT Sport Europe treats ALL highlights shows - even those on first run - as nothing more than background to their banners, tickers, and self-publicising graphics. It's contemptuous of the viewer.
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Re: BT Sport Europe Presentation

How has this moronic concept made it on air? It's obviously ticked all the boxes in the office brainstorm without any thought for the actual viewing experience. I want to watch a football match on a full screen without the distraction of league tables, quotes and final scores (even of the one I am watching). That is what I have paid for. No-one subscribes for stats, BT Sport. This cretinous idea would have been laughed out of town if you had actually advertised it as a selling point.
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Re: BT Sport Europe Presentation

I can't agree more with the comments against these graphics on BT Sport Europe.  This channel is the only reason I subscribed to BT TV, and apart from the live content, it's unwatchable. 

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Re: BT Sport Europe Presentation

VfL Wolfsburg's first cup defence was on in highlights form tonight. This was the first showing of the game on BT Sport Europe - and it was reduced to a shrunken picture inside BT's idiotic ticker frame.


So now we have the ridiculous situation where if you want to watch a replay of an Australian Rules football match on BT Sport 1 or 2, you can do so in full screen quality, but if you want to watch the first run of ANY European football highlights show on the premium subscription channel BT Sport Europe, you are treated with contempt and must endure a ticker and shrunken picture. Why are European football fans treated as second-class citizens, BT?


I'm considering my subscription now as it's clear that all Bundesliga highlights programmes are going to be accompanied by the SkyBet League Two league table and the Vanarama Conference standings. 


Only somebody who isn't a genuine football fan could misjudge the football viewing experience like this. This weird disconnect between how they treat live games and highlights programmes (and replays) is bewildering. For example, the Saturday afternoon Bundesliga match CAN ONLY BE HIGHLIGHTS as it is not broadcast live due to the afternoon blackout in the UK. So next week we'll get highlights of Werder Bremen v. Schalke straight after the live 5.30PM Dortmund-Gladbach match. One will be full screen and the second game will be buried beneath a wave of experience-destroying graphics. Why?

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Re: BT Sport Europe Presentation

BT sport should start a sports news channel and put it on freeview.  I think it would do very well.

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