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Re: BT Sport on Youview ........ For some only?

As Colin says,


Ask for a complaint to be lodged with a dedicated complaints advisor and that you'd like the call played back to demonstrate that you were misled.


Once you have a dedicated complaints advisor, you might be able to negotiate a free box swap to BT Vision+ that will get BTS over DTT with a card.



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Re: BT Sport on Youview ........ For some only?

On 24 June, I telephoned BT to ask about receiving BT Sport on Youview.  I do not have Infinity yet and made this clear to the representative.  No problem, I was assured, and have free HD as well.  This sounded too good to be true but, nevertheless, I agreed to the deal of signing up to another 12 months broadband contract.


I have to say, I was not really surprised when, on 1 August, I was unable to get BT Sport through Youview  Neither could I download the application for my PC or phone.


I complained and was offered, instead, a free BT Vision Box instead of my Youview.  Unfortunately, my previous experience of BT Vision, specifically Sky Sports, was very bad, and, at the turn of the year I abandoned it (BT be kind enough to refund some of the recent Sky Sports subscriptions).  But the main thing about BT Vision, in my geographical circumstances, is that the box tunes to weaker stations (the first it encounters in the scan) and would not receive some stations at all on specific multiplexes.  Even if I tuned it right, momentarily, the auto tune function (which cannot be switched off) would screw things up shortly after.  In the end, I though I would be worse off with BT Vision to threw in the towel and asked your representative to cancel the order for BT Vision.  No problem, I was told, but I could always watch the BT Sport on my PC.


Unfortunately, whenever I try to follow the procedure to watch on my PC I get an error message "we're sorry, our records show that there is an outstanding order on this line.  I have tried to get this problem resolved 3 times, so far, each time without success!


I have been a loyal BT customer for years.  I was one of the first with BT Vision but I feel utterly let down by all the recent trouble I have had.  I have just been on the phone for 41 minutes, told to hold, and now the line has gone dead! The nice people from Sky are very sympathetic!

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Re: BT Sport on Youview ........ For some only?

I kept my old black vision box when I signed up for Youview. Now I have them both side by side cabled up . Use vision box for BT sport and back to Youview for everything else. There's going to be a market for dusty old Vision boxes up in the attics, bet there will be some at car boot sales and on eBay.
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