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BT Sport on Youview box using alternate router (not HH)

It's hard to believe no-one else seems to have asked about viewing BT Sports without the Home Hub, but people will...and soon, so let's see if we can have some information for them, as well as me.


I posted this information in another thread, it probably wasn't the right place for it...but I like covering bases Smiley Wink


  1. Is your YouView box a retail box (you bought it from a shop) or was it supplied by BT - By BT
  2. Post all the info in Settings > Device Management > Software Version - Manufacturer software: 14.1.0, Component software: 1.7.2, Platform configuration: 492, ISP configuration: 29
  3. Are the BT Sport / ESPN channels showing on numbers 507-512 - Yes
  4. Confirm you're using the Home Hub and describe how are you connected between the YouView box and your Home Hub - No, using Asus RT-N56U with latest firmware:
  5. Confirm all other on demand content is working - Yes
  6. Have you had written confirmation that BT Sport is all ordered and good to go - Yes

See what I did there? That's right, no Home Hub. I set up the channels using the Home Hub 2 wired to the box, and after a bit of fiddling about, could view all the new channels, including the HD ones.


Here's the fun part, I hate the Home Hubs, they are not good. This is why I invested in a very good router that blew the HH2 out of the water on all counts...all but one it seems, since I can't figure out how to configure the Asus for multicast. I've enabled it, but there's obviously a lot more to it than that since I get black screen on the internet channels.


Is there anyone out there who can help me watch BT Sport on my Youview box using an Asus RT-N56U?


Please, please, please!


Here's what my IPTV tab looks like at the moment...any ideas what it should look like?


IPTV tab



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Re: BT Sport on Youview box using alternate router (not HH)

This is an interesting read on the sobject of 3rd party routers.

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Re: BT Sport on Youview box using alternate router (not HH)

Why don't you ask ASUS Support, they should be able to help.
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Re: BT Sport on Youview box using alternate router (not HH)

Which version of the Homehub 2 did you use when you did the initial working setup?


Also what fiddling did you have to do to get it working?



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Re: BT Sport on Youview box using alternate router (not HH)

i will start by saying i am just your average joe bloggs when it comes to computor stuff i mean i can stumble through most things  and usually get there in the end, when you say you hate home hubs..why what has it done to behind your back or something, steal your girlfriend....Smiley say your new router "blows it out of the water" why...i connected my hh3 up to my yv box i have infinity and bttv essentials all the sport channels appeared, HD works, online players all work no dramas it did exactly what it was supposed to do, what would your sooper dooper hub have done any different ? appear to be getting a lot of stick on here maybe rightly maybe not but for me and i expect the vast majority of customers it all went as planned...thank you very much bt....

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Re: BT Sport on Youview box using alternate router (not HH)

@scamartist - sorry, I have the HH3, not 2. Most of the fiddling was testing different ethernet cables, powering off and on the youview box, and researching the channels list

@itsmee - my HH3 drops connection quite frequently, the up/down sometimes drops below 1 meg for no apparent reason, the wifi signal is erratic, with noticeable data loss over distance, and speedtest confirms it connects with slower ping and overall up/down speed

my Asus RTN56U has none of these problems, it's better in every category, it will be a real shame if I'm stuck with the HH3 because I can't set the IGMP correctly
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Re: BT Sport on Youview box using alternate router (not HH)

I also have ASUS RT-N66U because HH3 was so rubbish for wifi - it right that I now cannot use it if I want to keep watching BT Sport?


unbelievably annoying!

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Re: BT Sport on Youview box using alternate router (not HH)

The N56 (as well as the 66) both work. I'm running the 56 no problem. Make sure you have the latest firmware and enter your settings as follows:

'Select ISP Profile' = None

'Choose IPTV STB Port' = None

'Use DHCP routes' = Microsoft

'Enable multicast routing (IGMP Proxy) = Enable

'Enable efficient multicast forwarding (IGMP Snooping) = Enable (this setting is not on the N56 but makes no difference)

'UDB Proxy (Udpxy) = 0

In the Wan setting change 'Enable VPN + DHCP Connection' to 'No'

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Re: BT Sport on Youview box using alternate router (not HH)

many thanks Wakeywarrior!! I was stuck on this 24 hours, BT support unable to solve it. Your solution worked perfectly

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