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BT TV 4K Box Upgrade

Hi All,

We have had BT TV for a good many years and are still on the full Max HD package from old, however as technology moves on we replaced our smart 3d tv with a smart 4k tv etc.

Therefore, if we replaced our existing BT TV Box with the BT TV 4K box, would we be correct in assuming that we would then be able to watch all of the 4k content without having to change our Max plan to any of the new BT TV plans?

May be a silly question to ask, however would rather just double check first and not end up having to change plans just to get 4k content, plus there is no way we are going VIP plan just to get the BT TV Box Pro either!

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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Re: BT TV 4K Box Upgrade

The 4K box will only give you 4K content on iPlayer as standard. There's sport in 4K on BT Sport Ultimate and the rest is on Netflix, Disney+, Prime etc but Netflix charge more for the top tier which has 4K.

Ideally, you'd want the Pro box as that gives 4K HDR and a TV compatible with HDR10 and HLG (for iPlayer HDR)  but you'd need to change your plan to one of the flexible packs and recontract for 2 years I believe.

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Re: BT TV 4K Box Upgrade

Thanks for the quick reply and the tv itself will do all that, plus to update we are actually on the Max HD plan.

Also, not needing the VIP plan as it will be too costly for our needs, our kids are growing up and hogging tv for their own viewing, so we don't get chance to watch as much sport as before they grew bigger!

As for the 4k content, we were going off of BT's own statements such as...

If you were a BT TV customer before 21 February 2020
You'll be able to watch 4K if you have the Max or Total Entertainment package. If you want to change plan, you’ll need to move to one our new flexible packages.


Do you have to pay extra for BT Sport Ultimate?
BT Sport Ultimate is available as part of our Entertainment Extra package.

It’s also available to customers on existing Total Entertainment, Max 4K, Entertainment Max and Max HD packages.

Or you can upgrade your BT Sport app for a monthly fee.

BT Sport Ultimate is also available through Virgin Media. Please contact Virgin Media for pricing.


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