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BT TV with Now TV.

Hi all new here and looking for some help please, At the weekend i renewed my contract to include big entertainment with the Sky Cinema. But trying not to keep phoning help desk, but i think the office is in a circle as i am just getting passed around and around with now helpful answers... (did i make a mistake staying with BT)

Here is my issue. Signed up on Sunday with the loyalty team and have opted for bi entertainment with the option of adding sport later in the year. but as to yet i have not got cinema on my TV. phoned up this afternoon and there was a mistake made in the processing, so the guy asked me for a email address so they could set up now tv. told to leave it an hour and then retry. i have left it for a few hours turned off the box and router retried still not active.

i have recieved no confirmation email from BT or Now tv with links/passwords or anything 

So phoned again to be told that i have to sign up to Now TV, and add BT service as my payment method, tried this and there is nowhere to link payment to BT.  can someone please help, on how this is set up and do i watch it through the guide on my box or through the now tv app in MY TV,

thanks in advance

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Re: BT TV with Now TV.

Hi @machanical-mike welcome to the community and thanks for posting, I'm sorry about the problems with your Now TV order.  It has taken around 24 hours for the Now TV and BT accounts to be linked after I've sent requests before so I think the few hours may have been misleading sorry.

If you'd like the moderation team to look at this for you I'll send you a private message so you can get in touch but it will take us a few days before we can respond. 

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Re: BT TV with Now TV.

The NowTV app is on the BT Box, you can view live TV through the EPG but will need to use the app for box sets etc

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