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BT reneging on contracts?

When I signed up in December for 12 months I signd as it included Bt Sport 1, BT Sport 2 and ESPN for 12 months


You appear to be now breaking that contract


Cannot be more furious and you will be losing a customer in December for braodband

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Re: BT reneging on contracts?

I renewed my Infinity package a couple of months ago and BT Sports was part of the package. Since BT withdrawing Moto GP from the package and want to charge me to see it, surely I should get a pro rata reduction in my monthly subscription. 


This reneged on contract can go both ways and I certainly dont want to renew my Infinity contract if BT are going to up the price or remove channels part way through it.

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Re: BT reneging on contracts?



My case on this will be going to the telecoms ombudsmen,, BT customer service were incredibly rude includiing a man who shouted at me down the phone , talked over me and told me I was wrong about everything.


BT wrongly assume that because BTsport1,2 espn  was offered free that it has no value, this is incorrect , they value this product at 6.50 per month , it was offered as an inducement for 12months to lure people into signing broadband deals that they may not have done.


Previous cases such as the Hoover " free flights " , have usually gone against the business concerned.


They told me to cancel all my contacts if I didn't like it , after 20 + years with them. I refused , which sent their CS agent mad.


I have a dossier of all their false and incorrect bills + crucially an email promising me BTsport 1,2, espn free for 12months. There is no way out of this, no matter what they claim, I am sure the ombudsmen will find in my favour , but I will wait and see.

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Re: BT reneging on contracts?

Ohh and one last point which is completely new, the rubbish about BTSport being offered in seasons was never mentioned on signing up.

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Re: BT reneging on contracts?

How can BT legally intice people into taking out a broadband contract with the promise of free moto gp for the whole season then suddenly decide after laying out millions for euro football there now going to charge me to watch moto gp on a new channel? Now 3 months in to cancel my contract it will cost me over £300......I'd say that was false advertising and feel I was mis-led in taking a BT contract. When deciding which broadband provider to take there were faster, cheaper, better reviewed providers but I was lured into the BT deal with the promise of free moto for the season. They do not understand by promising me free moto gp for the season with BT sport and going back on that they have gone against every piece of advertising and every word they said to get me to take the deal. I should cancel my direct debit and claim after buying a house the cost implications have affected the money I need just as Euro sport has affected every person offered free BT sport on a broadband dea....


Trading standards and the Ombudsman will receive a full complaint. I was tricked into a 12month contract and have no intention of staying with BT.


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Re: BT reneging on contracts?

They got me to sign up for another 12 months in March on the basis I'd continue to receive BT Sport for free.  Then less than 3 months later they send an email to an email address I hardly use, an address that's not in my BT account, to say they are going to start charging me from 1st Aug.  It's fortunate that I saw it, as I hardly ever check this email account.


I think they deliberately sent the email to a rarely used email address in the hope I wouldn't see it.  I asked BT about this, they couldn't even tell me where they got this email address from!


The letter they sent enticing me to sign up for another 12 month contract with the offer of free BT Sport did NOT mention any particular season.  They completely mislead me.  I've complained over the phone, which took FOREVER, and I got no where.  I wrote to them, and they replied by email (to the correct email address this time), but their reply was basically garbage.   In fact, they're still misleading me.  They said I couldn't cancel my contract without a cancellation fee, but this is contrary to Offcom guidelines.  In any event, I'm pretty sure what they've done is misrepresentation under the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977.


I've now emailed back telling them I'll file a complaint with Offcom if they are going to insist on reneging on the contract.


I know it's not much money.  But it's the principle.  You can't agree to one thing and then ignore it and do something else.  No organisation should get away with treating their customers like this.


I wonder how many other people have renwed their contracts on the basis of this 'free BT Sports' offer?


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Re: BT reneging on contracts?

I renewed my contract last month (phone, broadband and tv). Received a phone call yesterday telling me that if I wanted to keep BT Sport I would need to extend my contract for another 6 months or lose the service completely on Aug 1st. I think this is appalling, given I'm one month into a new 12 month contract and will be referring the matter to the complaints dept given that one of the major reasons I renewed BT was the free sport. I feel misled.
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Re: BT reneging on contracts?

I spoke to someone whoi downgraded me to BT Sport lite for free


That was after speaking to someone who said that couldnt be done


All dreadfully managed

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