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Box office pay per view

Hi, I've paid £19.95 for the Wilder vs Fury event tonight because on your website it says you can Chromecast the event from your phone to your television. What it doesn't say (before you pay for the event) is that you have to pay and extra £10 a month just to stream it from your phone to your television. I find it baffling that you expect non BT customers to extra for the event and force them to pay more. Also I've never signed up to sky but its very easy to purchase there pay per view boxing events and play it on your TV.

As far as Im concerned if you've paid the full amount for the pay per view event you should be able to watch it on your TV otherwise youre expecting non bt subscribers to pay nearly twenty pounds to watch an event on a small handheld phone which is shocking!
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Re: Box office pay per view

Streaming to TVs is often bumped up tremendously in price for viewing on big screen TVs as otherwise people would use casting to their TV instead of a TV subscription.

Sky Sport on NOW TV for example is £5.99/month for a mobile pass with casting banned, but £33.99/month on a TV through Chromecast.

Not what you want to hear I know, but that's the reason. They want to keep TV services more expensive than mobile only services.

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Re: Box office pay per view

Im not talking about general day to day watching sports. Every single person would just take advantage and just pay for the basic package and chromecast it onto a massive screen.

Im purely talking about BOX OFFICE pay per view events like boxing.

BT customers don't pay £19.95 per football match and pay an extra £10 a month fee on top to stream it to their TV because it would be unaffordable. Which is why they pay for a sports package to have all the sports as a bundle. They still have to pay for BOX OFFICE pay per view events because its not included in their sports package.
Pay per view events are one off events usually for boxing for example. The likes of sky sports box office (where you also pay £19.95 for boxing events) dont make you pay an extra £10 just to stream it from your phone to your TV.
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