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Re: Britbox on BT Box buggy!?

@4KTVFan  I feel your pain with the way life is heading. My mum is in her 70's and is sh*t scared of all things digital etc etc.... In some respects a large proportion of our senior folk are getting left behind 😔

Now, as far as Britbox on my T4000 is concerned, well I'm finding it every bit as good as the BB app on the Apple TV 4K box. Knowing my luck I've just jinxed it now 🤣

I've been with BT TV on and off since the early Vision days, and at one time did some Youview testing. I got axed from testing by Youview for being honest with my criticism over certain aspects of the trials 😂  Youview, whether retail or paid for services, has always felt 3rd rate compared to the giant that is Sky TV, but still has a place in our home alongside Sky.

I'm with those hankering for the new 4K/HDR box (if it ever materialises) as I have a feeling it could make a huge difference to the BT offering overall. Fingers crossed and all that 😀

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Re: Britbox on BT Box buggy!?

No problems here with my BritBox either.

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Re: Britbox on BT Box buggy!?

So here's my frustration

Who do I report this to?



How do customers of BT TV formally report issues?

That has always been a bugbear of mine!


and Neilo Im only adding you because your the only MOD and can remember at the moment!

I know this is forum is NOT a customer help forum, but where do I go for help?

Ring BT customer support, the last two times it took over 30 minutes to connect!

And then go put on hold again.

It's a simple issue, just provide a web based portal for feedback!

But someone, at BT please explain why Britbox on the BT box is so buggy?


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Re: Britbox on BT Box buggy!?

Hi @4KTVFan I'm sorry you're having issues with the Britbox player, I'll send you a private message so you can get in touch with the mod and we'll get a fault reported, in the meantime can you try the reset that has been suggested as I can see others on the thread have reported no problems so it may be an isolated problem with your box?

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