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Can't get it

I thought this would be great for my sport loving sons but we can't get it. We are on a local aerial and iIhave been told that if we could be switched to the bigger Mendip aerial it would work but I am not so sure. I don't want to have added expense if it doesn't work. We are a distance away from the local echange and don't have fibre optic and nor infinity.

Any help please?

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Re: Can't get it

If you enter your postcode into this site it should show you all the transmitters in your area.  Clicking on one of the transmitters will show its estimated coverage.  The brown transmitters only have limited coverage, and the red ones carry all the channels.


If it looks like you are in the area of a red transmitter, you would need a local aerial installer to adjust your aerial to point at the new transmitter.  It may well also need a bigger aerial installed.


Don't forget you can also get BT Sport free over the broadband, either on a PC, or a compatible mobile device.

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