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Can the mods please handle this...

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To the mods of these boards,

You know from other posts that UHD users are getting pretty frustrated with the late arrival of Amazon Prime Video on the UHD box.


So why put up posts on the BT website like the one below...?

Tip 6: How to watch 4K Ultra HD and HDR on Amazon Prime Video

In which this advice is given...

"Ultra HD in 4K is available on post-2015 UHD smart TVs from LG, Samsung and Sony, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, as well as the BT TV Ultra HD box."

Why post this???? You know the roll out of Amazon Prime Video on UHD boxes is late... this is why users come to these forums and run BT TV down, because of nonsense like this...

I think if you continue to post publicity material like this you really must post an update of when the UHD roll out with happen... it's one or the other... YOU BT TV are in control of both!!!!

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Re: Can the mods please handle this...

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Thanks for taking the time to post this @4KTVFan.

I've replied to your other comment and this under your other thread: Amazon Prime Video for UHD boxes slips to mid-October



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Re: Can the mods please handle this...

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While I can't speak for anyone else within the BT TV community, I can personally say thank you for doing this...

And, in my option, very positive customer relations...

Things don't go according to plan, I think as a community we know that, but what we don't like is not having status updates or being treated as "invisible", or constantly reading outdated information...

So thank you... in future please just let us know what's happening and if possible why, and while we may not be happy, we will probably understand... this right now this is starting to feeling like a community?