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Cancel BT Sport but Keep Eurosport

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Hi All,

I am getting confused about some conflicting information from BT.

I got the letter about BT Sport being chargable from the 1st of August. I never watch BT Sport so thought I would cancel.


I do watch Eurosport quite a bit and want to keep it. Looking though various help pages (few of which have been updated to reflect the fact BT sport is now no longer free) it looked like Eurosport 1 & 2 (SD versions) should be included in my Entertainmemt Starter package and so would not be affected by cancelling BT Sport.


However when I rung BT the lady on the phone wasn't sure about Eurosport and after asking someone else was sure that Eurosport came with BT Sport and so would be cancelled.


Can anyone clarify if this is correct? Most of the BT help content talking about the BT Sport add one say it will give you BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport 3, BoxNation, BT ESPN and BT Sport Extra but no mention of Eurosport.



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Re: Cancel BT Sport but Keep Eurosport

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Eurosport is not part of BT Sport but is bundled with your BT TV package.

If you were to want to cancel BT TV as well as BT Sport then a way to carry on watching Eurosport is to subscribe to their Eurosport Player service. While you cannot record it does allow you to watch up to three hours in arrears which gives you a decent amount of flexibility.

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