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Despicable production team

More despicable behaviour by the production team at BT sports during this afternoons European games. Not only did they give the running scores of the game being played on another channel but also interrupted the game being watched by showing live video,  unbelievable.

I wonder what the advertisers will think too when they realise people won’t be watching the other channel as it’s been spoiled by this action.

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Re: Despicable production team

Didn't you learn anything from Terry and Bob all those years ago? Smiley LOL

I agree with you though and I don't understand why they do it. I could understand it if it was 30 plus years ago when the only way to find scores or results was the briefest of sports news at the end the main news, teletext or the next days paper. If people want to know the latest today they'll already be on it, we don't need to be told.

It's not just BT though, R5 Live interrupt their F1 coverage to give out the latest footy scores etc. People listen to F1 for F1, not for other sports news. The BBC don't interrupt TMS as far as I know, which suggests different approaches depending upon how much they value listeners to certain sports. The BBC have become woeful though in recent years, the News Hour that runs on BBC1 on weekdays between 5 and 6am, has a ticker tape across the bottom of the screen. An example from the other week was "Sport: Aus v Ind 3rd Test latest". They never put the actual score so it was an absolutely useless message. It would be the same the next day and the day after, news headlines are sometimes two to three days old.

The disappointing thing is that it's only going to get worse, irrespective of how much we complain.

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