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Error VC003 not in the EU

I'm totally fed up! This issue has been going on for far too long. The android app has permissions for location either by using GPS or cell data so why is BT still looking at IP addresses? They can be routed through all sorts of routes...

I am in a Holiday Inn Express in Walthamstow, London and am being told by the app that I am not in the EU. SORT THIS OUT BT - This is not acceptable.

I used the feedback option in the app to repoet the issue - this is what happened:-
Got an email addressed to Mr Wade (not my name - first error).
They told me to uninstall then reinstall the app - does not work!
Next to follow the web link and ring this number - 08001114567 - this got me through to a BT employee who said I'd called the wrong number (after verification of who I was), then gave me this number - 0800 800150 and told me to say 'BT Sport Save Team' when asked by the automated answer. The employee who answered said I had called the wrong place, they where not part of the BT app. I got fed up and hung up. BT this is your app get your act together - you are annoying a lot of people who are paying your wages ie your customer - concentrate on your customer first and your profits secondary then your profits will grow.

If I am paying you for a service then I expect that service whether I am using my data or wifi - I am in the UK!

Very annoyed (especially as this has been going on far too long with many of your customers - sort it out, it makes you look like a mickey mouse company...
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Re: Error VC003 not in the EU

If you're using hotel WiFi that might be using a VPN which might show that you're outside the EU to the app
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Re: Error VC003 not in the EU

I've had the same problem trying to watch BT Sport in Holiday Inn Express hotels. Either their Internet Provider is not using a UK address range, or they deliberately block streaming.

The only answer is to use mobile 4G data, but of course you need a decent allowance for watching anything other than a short programme.

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