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Eurosport Player to be discontinued - content added to Discovery+

I know some of you have chosen to get access to Eurosport via the Player app once you moved off the older Max HD/4K packs, so worth noting that it is to be discontinued (date to be confirmed), with the content (including their Olympics coverage), folded into the new Discovery+ service.

Link here: Eurosport to rethink rights acquisition with discovery+ launch 

"Speaking to SportsPro Media, Eurosport President Andrew Georgiou said that the company will change how it acquires sports rights as the Eurosport Player is eventually folded into discovery+ and discontinued as a standalone product. Eurosport’s linear channels will continue to operate, and standalone networks GolfTV and Global Cycling Networks will remain individual.

He said that the new SVOD “allows us to do is to think more on a market-by-market basis about what sports assets and rights can help complement our platform in that market.”

The exec added that the streamer will have an overlapping audience “between more general entertainment” and the “sports-specific audience.”

This, Georgiou said, will translate into “leaning more into” content like “the documentaries, behind-the-scenes, the deeper look at athletes.”

The company separately said that pricing will vary from market-to-market in Europe, with those which feature live sports likely costing more."

Further info here: Eurosport Player and Dplay DTC services to be phased out 

"The introduction of the Discovery+ service will see the broadcaster’s existing direct-to-consumer (DTC) offerings, Eurosport Player and Dplay, begin to be phased out in the first group of territories ahead of the Tokyo Olympics.

Eurosport content will appear first on the new platform in markets where Discovery already offers live sport on Dplay, such as Denmark, Finland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

In other markets, Eurosport Player will continue to operate as it does today until Discovery+ launches and Eurosport is introduced onto the service."

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Re: Eurosport Player to be discontinued - content added to Discovery+

Thats bad news.  Ive still got the TV Max HD package which costs me £24 pcm.  Eurosport is the single and only reason I have any kind of TV package as I follow the Alpine events and quite like the live snooker.

The moment Eurosport  disappears my TV subscription will also come to an end. 

I would guess that the most likely way of accessing this new Discovery + service will be by some kind of app , a bit like Eurosport player.  In time the main providers, BT, Sky & Virgin may offer it on their platforms but I wouldn't hold my breath on that. 


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Re: Eurosport Player to be discontinued - content added to Discovery+

Whilst a few of us suspect that the Max HD pack will be removed eventually by BT (and the Eurosport channels along with it), there is no official news on this, so you can continue with your subscription until that is either confirmed or an alternative is offered.

The point of highlighting the change was that some members of the forum had already moved off of Max HD/4K onto the new NOW TV based packs and had invested in the Eurosport Player as an alternative means of accessing the content. These subscriptions will be migrated to the Discovery+ app, which already has a "Sports" section.

Discovery+ is widely available now on Android (+ Chromecast) and Apple devices, and Sky Q has it along with a free 12 month subscription. According to this report, Amazon and Roku are in talks to add it to their devices. 

I would be surprised if it wasn't available through BT TV eventually as well, although you may need to wait for their updated YouView box, due next year.

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Re: Eurosport Player to be discontinued - content added to Discovery+

Thanks for the info and insight , I'll get myself ready and subscribe to Discovery+, the free bit at least for the time being.

I wasn't aware that BT were planning to upgrade the Youview boxes, would be nice to get one when they do.



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Re: Eurosport Player to be discontinued - content added to Discovery+

Discovery+ is now available on Samsung Smart TV 

There is loads of free content including the EFL Championship highlights. You just need to register.

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